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I'm preparing to use Godot, if possible, to create a graphic UI for a device I'm developing. The device will run Linux however it will be using a Cortex-A9 ARM processor. How do I create a custom export template for this or do I need a different export template other than the Linux X11?

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Just replacing the x64 linux build with your arm linux build in the export templates should work.
If you want to use pck + executable intstead of single executable, you don't even have to do that. In that case you can just replace the executable after exporting, or even leave the x68 one there as well so can support multiple systems while only providing the game/app data once.

Or is your question actually about the porting/building for arm part?

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Yes, I'm needing to know how to redirect Godot to use my ARM build tools (GCC, etc...) instead of what its using now, I'm assuming Godot uses the build tools for my development host system which is still GCC but for a dual core Intel. Basically I'll have a cross-compilation tool suite, still GCC, that I can use to build for my ARM solution and need someway to tell Godot to use it instead of the other.

Ah ok, in that case you might want to try building it on the device if you have gcc installed on it. That will take a while and you may have to create a swapfile but that's the easiest way (there was someone on reddit who seems to have gotten it to work on a raspberry pi that way without changing anything).

Otherwise if I recall correctly, you can use a CC and CXX argument when calling scons to point to your crosscompiler ... but since it's been a while since I last did that I can't remember if I also had to change something in the SConstruct file for it to work properly ...

(Looking at the current SConstruct it seems to offer CC CXX CFLAGS CCFLAGS and LINKFLAGS)

Gotcha. Yeah, that's probably pretty straightforward.

Interesting. I've not used scons before. MAKE is still the most typical in the embedded world I've had experience in. MAKE has those same type arguments though.

My cross-compiler provides everything needed to build an app already so will try just building Godot for the device like you suggest and design right on the device. I posted another question regarding Godot and its folder/file structure but I'm thinking there isn't one, right? It looks to be just a single executable and everything is contained in that. Not sure about the export templates though, since those were downloaded and installed after the fact.

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