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I have been using Godot for a little while now and recently compiled the copy from github so I could fiddle with the visual scripting. It looks great but I cant seem to find any input event nodes such as Is_pressed() or the like. Were these renamed or removed for some reason?

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There are nodes called Action used for input actions, these are used in the Visual Pong demo.

You have access to the Input singleton via Engine Singleton node too, then do a call to Input methods.

I don't know if it will stay this way, I guess the alpha will get lot of feedback on VS once is out.

Ups, is about _input_event, turned into comment ^^;

Ok, just checked, PhysicObjects still have the _input_event function, controls don't, maybe is that _gui_input is replacing it?

But your question is about Input singleton, event variable, _input function or _input_event function(s)?

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