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Hi, I am experiencing the following import error when compiling the latest stable source code for windows (v.2.1.3) . I compiled the engine successfully several times last year with the same setup. Can anyone help me identify what might be missing or what I am doing wrong? Thanks.


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I think I have found the answer myself.

I think at the point where the error is thrown, the SConstruct file is looping through the modules in c:\godot\modules , looking for the config.py file for each module:

for x in module_list:
    if env['module_' + x + '_enabled'] != "yes":
    tmppath = "./modules/" + x
    env.current_module = x
    import config
    if (config.can_build(selected_platform)):

The config.py file should be in the root of each named module folder. I had copied a custom module incorrectly, leaving the config file in a sub-folder. This seems to have been the cause of the error.

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