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I am trying to spawn an object "yellowsprite" at the location (0,0) when I press a button "yellowspawn_button". Instead of spawning at (0,0), the object is spawning on top of its parent.


extends Node2D

var yellow_sprite = preload("yellow_sprite.tscn")
var yellow_sprite_location = Vector2(0,0)

func _on_button_pressed(): "Spawn a yellow pixel when the yellow button is pressed"
    var yellow_sprite_create = yellow_sprite.instance()

func _ready():
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Use yellowspritecreate.set_global_pos(yellowspritelocation) instead of yellowspritecreate.set_pos(yellowspritelocation).

And please use the code button when pasting code here ;-)

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Thanks for the response!

I have made the suggested replacement, but the yellow pixel still spawns on top of its parent.

Try to add the node to its parent first and then use set_global_pos to set its position.

Perfect, it's working like a charm!

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