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I never worked with other physics engines. Godot now I am learning and want to learn how to work with physics in 3D.

Almost all objects in the scene (whether active or static), require the imposition of the physical body. As a minimum the necessary handling collisions.

What are used for this nodes?

What are the possible options that would determine geometric shape of the physical body?

What properties of the physical body is available in Godot?

As I understand it: for geometrically complex objects, the shape of the physical body sets in the form of a grid mesh. So use 2 grids: one (more detailed) for visualization of the object and the second (simplified) to handle physics.

How to do this in Godot?

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Have a look at this project.

Only tip i will give you is that in godot trimesh collision shapes can't collide with other trimesh shapes.

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Thanks for the tip. But it's not exactly what I wanted. But I need to understand how to work with physics in 3D (of course within the capabilities of Godot).
Unfortunately in the documentation there is currently no article on physics in 3D. I was hoping someone could briefly tell me (answer my questions).

Chek the project it contains the 3d scene so you can learn by watching, most of your questions you can answer yourself like:

What properties of the physical body is available in Godot?

Just insert physical body and check the parameters in inspector. Dont be lazy and put some effort.


Don't get me wrong... I it do. But without knowledge of the English language and knowledge of the physics engine is quite difficult, many impossible.

Then you have to learn English first because entire programming is done in English.

Oops, broken link...

Godot dev's changed www site of engine so previous link is dead so i will put you a mirror:


Thanks for the project, but when I select the tank vehicle or its mesh under the Scene tab, Godot crashes as shown here: https://i.imgur.com/x2zORmX.png
(I am running Godot 2.1.1 on Windows 10, 64 bit). Is this a project created in an older Godot version?

Sorry for late post but it's old thread.
Yes it has been created in older version of godot.
As far as i remember it has been created in godot ~2.01.

If it crashes all the time try older version of engine.

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In Godot there is a serious bug with the bodies in 3D physics. Before it correction not possible to use the complex form of the kinematic bodies.


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