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When running my game in windows the top part of the screen is cut off. I think this has something to do with the windows taskbar as if i move the taskbar to the side it fixes the issue. (it also resizes correctly if i then move it back to the default bottom position)

Running the same game under x11 in the same resolution works exactly as expected

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How can i fix this?

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I don't know if anything can be done on Windows, your game window is just too tall. You could think about making it adapt to different resolutions (especially if it target mobiles).

But yet if i simply move the taskbar to the side and back then the window resizes correctly.
It is like it doesnt register the taskbar until it is moved.

How is Godot supposed to know where the taskbar is? I don't know if it does. In Windows the screen doesn't starts below the taskbar.
A lot of software has the same problem, I have my taskbar at the top too, and I also made this request some time ago, which is now superseded by this thread: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/9418

Zylann is right, your window is too tall. But the reason why it works on Linux/X11 is that Windows automatically scales the whole UI up when working with higher resolution screens. Games are usually excluded from this rule but according to an issue on GitHub this is not the case for Godot games and has to be fixed.

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