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Hello, everyone! This is my first post. Well, I'd like to ask you all how you can create a third person grappling hook with GODOT. If it's possible. I also would like to use Nodes as a former UDK and UE4 user. Anyway, if you have time, what platforms does GODOT support? Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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I can think of many common ways to create a grappling hook, from a simple ray that sets a pivot point to a complex chain system, is there a particular characteristic you are looking for?

As of platforms, all you can see in https://godotengine.org/features plus UWP and maybe one or two more.

Thank you Eons, I'm looking for an Uncharted 4 rope swinging style.

To me, the one of Uncharted looks like a simple pivot with simulated visual physics when throwing and releasing.

But users more experienced on 3D may have better ideas.

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look at this....maybe useful for you
3dChain demo

enter image description here

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Thank you BIshop.

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