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I am building my first platform game in this engine and i am having problems creating the main controllable character. Right now i am testing if the player is colliding:

if is_colliding():

and setting the jump count to zero so the player can jump again:

jump = 0

but this also means that the player can jump off of ceilings. To solve this i need to test somehow which side of the RectangleShape2D the player is touching and i have yet to find a solution.

Thanks in advance !

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You could do get_collider().get_pos() and if the y coordinate is greater than the player's y, then the object is below. However, that won't work well for you if you have vertical obstacles/walls, so you'll also need to use get_collision_normal() to ensure it's a horizontal surface.

A simpler way to do this is to add a RayCast2D pointing downward. Then you can do if raycast.is_colliding() to allow jumping.

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Big thanks, i didnt even think about raycast. Thanks mate

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add 4 segment collision shape for each side, its a bit slow.. but its the most simple way to do it

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