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Feeling like a real noob for having to ask this and not managing to just find the answer on the web, but I'm having trouble getting an area2d to detect when a rigidbody2d touches it.

Both the rigid body2d and the aea2d have collider objects as children. Both have a shared collision layer. Both have monitoring set to on. Here's the test code I'm using at the moment to get the game to print if an object touches the area 2d:

extends Area2D

func _on_body_enter( body ):

It never seems to activate. Ultimately though, I want to test if the player (a rigidbody2d called "player") is touching it.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Figured it out thanks to nunod on IRC. I had to double click on the bodyenter signal in the area2d's node tab and enter _onbody_enter as the function to connect it to. Thanks again nunod!

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See comment above.

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