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So I was working with Directional light, and dark spots appeared on my scene. They look ugly. I fixed, but with a lot of hassle. Suddenly a though struck me. What if Godot used sobotka's Open-Source, Blender plugin, filmic for the lighting engine.

It's a very helpful plugin. photorealism or not, this fixes a majority of lighting issues. It'd be awesome to see it implemented in a game engine.

Here's a link to the Github page

Also I thought I'd show this video off. It's for blender, but the first 13 minutes can be applied virtual light in general.

asked May 23, 2017 in Gossip by lavaduder (264 points)
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Godot now has a new renderer and all the light code was changed, you can try it now building from sources (is a bit unstable) or wait for the alpha to test.

You can get some builds from here too (look some builds with few issues)

Also, check the dev blog for details on the changes https://godotengine.org/devblog

answered May 24, 2017 by eons (7,786 points)
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