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Hi, I have the following code that's failing with error

Invalid operands 'Nil' and 'float' in operator '<='.

func apply_damage():
    var rem = 0.0
    var pureDamage = baseDamage * damageMultiplier * accuracy

    if health == null: return false
    if shield != null:
        rem = shield.take_damage(get_parent(), pureDamage * shieldPenetrationMultiplier)
    if rem <= 0.0 and armor != null:
        rem = armor.take_damage(get_parent(), pureDamage * armorPenetrationMultiplier)
    if rem <= 0.0:
        if health.take_damage(get_parent(), pureDamage) <= 0.0:
            # Target is dead
            return false
    return true

It fails the check where it says 'if rem <= 0.0 and armor != null:'. For some reason variable rem is not initialized... The debugger show 'rem' as empty.

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On this line:

rem = shield.take_damage(get_parent(), pureDamage * shieldPenetrationMultiplier)

You are assigning a value to rem of whatever the take_damage() function returns. It seems it's not returning anything, that's why your error says that rem has no value when you try to compare it.

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Damn stupid error. Thank you :)

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