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Hello, i'm having some trouble trying to make this work. I have a bullet scene and a character that shoots the bullet etc. The bullet is a RigidBody2D and the player shooting the bullet is a KinematicBody2D. Is there anyway to check if the instanced bullet has collided with an enemy (KinematicBody2D)?

I added the enemy to a group called "Enemy" Can I detect the collision from the RigidBody2D in groups? like in the KinematicBody2D you can detect collisions with isingroup("Enemy")

Is there any way to do this with a RigidBody2D?

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You need to enable contact monitor and set the contacts reported "> 0".

Then use get_colliding_bodies

Then you can operate with the array elements the same way as with KinematicBody2D.

Rigids also have body_enter and body_exit signals too to report contact.

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