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I just downloaded Godot 2.1.3 Stable to my Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit system.

It seems to work.

But when I followed the first "Step by Step" tutorial (Docs/Learning: 2D: create a label and add text "Hello World" to it, then run to display) I carefully did everything described. I got the box markers in the editing window.
But when I run it all I ever get is a plain grey window with nothing in it.

So I tried a similar tutorial on "gamesfromscratch", a video that used a RichText label. I carefully copied everything he did. He got text displayed. I still got a plain grey blank window.

Then I created a node first, then a label as a child to it. Still nothing displays.

While composing this question I tried it again. This time not even the editing box markers appear. Nothing, not even in the editing window.

From the questions and comments I see, this seems to work for everyone but me.

Does Godot not work in Windows Vista?
Has anyone else experienced this?

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I didn't found the minimum system requirements in godot web site, but according to steam(http://store.steampowered.com/app/404790/Godot_Engine/), for microsoft operating systems the minium is windows7.

Also note that microsoft does not support windows vista anymore . The official end of life for it was 11-04-2017, so it is very unlikely to get compatibility fixes for it.
I recommend you to upgrade your operating system.
If you are short on money to buy a new windows license and you also seems to have old hardware, there are some light linux distros such as lubuntu.net that may work for you.

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Could be a hardware/driver problem too (not the required OpenGL support).

Try a live USB with a GNU/Linux based system to see if the problem persist.

Good answer.
When I got home, I tried d/l'ing Godot to my Linux Mint system. It worked perfectly.

Thank you.

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Considering how old that crappy OS is, then I'm sure is due to lack of OpenGL drivers.

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Good answer.
When I got home, I tried d/l'ing Godot to my Linux Mint system. It worked perfectly.

Thank you.

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