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Some of my animations that I am trying to export involve shape keys in blender. Is there a way to export these with the animation using better collada?

Basically, I have animations where the model splits and I do this using shape keys. But there is also armature involved in the scene. My armatures animation is exporting into godot, but I don't how combine the shape keys with the animations, or even how to view them.

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They are being exported. I had the same problem and didn't realize right away the keys were under my nose all the time, what you are looking for is select "export all animations" in the exporter and then the "Morphs" in the object inspector. Here's a quick capture:

This has only one shapekey.

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Ah I see, and I just need to redo the animation in Godot for the shape key aspects I'm guessing, as if they were involved in an animation I made in blender they wouldn't be imported as part of the animation.

Thanks a lot

Hello there, Actually I faced the same issue. So, basically when i import the file with morph animation to blender will work fine. however when i import the same file to godot, morph animation is just not getting imported (although i can see shape keys!)

As you suggested, I tried to change values to shape_keys to see if i can make it work .. but i didnt work either ...


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