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I've tried several ways to download godot, but every time it gets sent to 7zip. in 7zip it wont play extract the files and the game won't open. upzipping make game not open too. I'm out of ideas and really wanna code.

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Operating system?
And where do you try downloading from?

Do you own steam? Cause You can download it from there. If you're having this much of a problem getting it to run.

Also If your a Linux user, you have to set it as an executable and run.

window 8 and was trying from http://godotengine.org/ my computer keep sending it to 7.zip and it won't run after unzipping it or extracting it. thanks for replying. How do i download it from stream once I download it I'm kinda good at coding so I'll be fine.

It's an executable, just extract it and launch it every time you need it.

ty i did it that way but since my download is messed up can't get the other stuff sadly. ty for responding have fun coding.

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Ok, first of all, is not a game, is a game engine.

And second of all, get yourself a copy of 7zip, that is free, and install it in your computer, it's probably a matter of missing libraries in your system (Windoze is crap).


I remember now too that your crappy OS might be picky when it comes to execute binaries, so make sure you place the app somewhere you don't need admin permission to make it run.

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7zip is the thing messing up the download. and i use window 7.

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