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Originally I had my nodes setup as


And collisions were not working, broken. I modified my scene so the RigidBody2D was the parent


and everything is working fine now. Why is this? What's going on here? When I made this change, I also had to use global rot, pos as it doesn't seem to be inheriting from the parent anymore.

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If you don't move the Node2D, RigidBody2D should work fine.

Also remember that rigid bodies are meant to be managed by the physics engine (Godot lets you manipulate velocities and add forces to them) and not touch them via transform (scale, rotate, translate) if you want it to work as it should on each physics frame.

This is why having the RB as root of a game entity's branch is what makes more sense.

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I have this structure and it works. Perhaps it is your code.

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Probably, thank you!

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