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Hi guys, I recently made a variant of type Array<Array<Dictionary>> and stored some data in it. Later I saved the data in a file and when I read back the data, the data was of type Array but I couldn't cast the type to Array<Array<Dictionary>>.



class demo { 
    private Array<Array<Dictionary>> arr;

    public void method() {
        arr = some data;
        content = file.read();
        //result is of type Array
        result = JSON.Parse(content).Result;
        //crash, InvalidCastException
        arr = (Array<Array<Dictionary>>)result;

I have tried a few things,

Array arr;
arr = result.Result;
((Array)arr[index])[index] = foo;

seems to be a workaround.

But can I directly cast via like arr = (Array<Array<Dictionary>>)result; ?

Godot version v3.5.1 stable
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