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Hi, I have just tested exporting my project for OSX. The project exports and loads but it doesn't appear to be registering any input (i.e. when I press the arrow keys the character isn't moving).

Any help would be great.


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The syntax is ./path/to/file, the leading ./ will tell the shell that you want to execute the file. So you can do either:

cd /path/to/files/folder



It should be equivalent.

Thanks, I have figured out my issue. Certain files were not being exported with my export. To fix this I went through every file and checked them to export. Is there a quicker way of doing this for when I export it in the future?

Thanks for your help

I thought Godot export all files by default?

By default it exports all resources, but if you load some files manually from script (e.g. .txt files), they may not be seen as resources, and thus not exported.

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