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I am unable to save or load file when deploying my app on Android.

I am using the File class and the user:// directory.

I do not see any need for special Android permission for this use case.

Message when running the app on Android indicate a "file does not exist", but not much more.

In Android Log:
E/AwareLog: AtomicFileUtils: readFileLines file not exist: [email protected]

Anyone having the same problem ?

Thanks !

Godot version 3.5
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Generally speaking, that should work fine. Does the app save correctly on a non-Android system? Perhaps you can share your save code?

I just find out that the problem is not directly related to the saving/loading operations.

It has to do with the fact that I was trying to save a file in the _exit_tree() function. It works on Mac and Windows, but not on Android.

func _exit_tree():

Here is my solution :

func _notification(what):

        or what == MainLoop.NOTIFICATION_WM_GO_BACK_REQUEST
        or what == MainLoop.NOTIFICATION_APP_PAUSED
        or what == MainLoop.NOTIFICATION_WM_FOCUS_OUT):


func _exit_tree():

Hello, Does this method apply to all types of Android?

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