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(In reference to a science fiction sim)

The problem is such:

1.) Shadows disappear after turning the camera's 'Far' property past 100,000.
2.) Therefore, the view distance of stars is capped at this maximum.
3.) The stars need to be at an extreme distance, in the exact location that they should be when you travel to them.
4.) To circumvent this, I want to place 'fake' stars that are closer (<100K) at the exact angle in which they appear relative to the player's location so that the player can see the stars.

We must do it in this way to have realistic space travel, so that when you travel to a different part of the galaxy, the constellations are different.

The title is suggesting that an offset Child Node of the real star (the 'fake' star) will be rotated and transformed relative to the player's position to always face the player but at a closer distance.

How can one transform an offset Child Node to always face the player and maintain a specified distance? Any alternate suggestion is welcome. The stars don't need to be lightyears away, they just need to be at a scale that is spatially relative. We can't use a skybox texture as the background for stars.

Godot version 3.5.1
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