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This is a rather broad question but it’s one that i still haven’t managed to find a clear answer for despite all my web and Godot Community searches.

I would like to know if a GoDot game can run within a normal web browser effectively, without any general degradation? (e.g. in terms of: Game/resolution quality, Layout within the screen/browser viewspace, Speed, etc.)

So to give an example, within one websites’ webpage I could click a link to be directed to another webpage that would contain the GoDot game. This game would fill the entire smartphone or tablet or desktop screen in a similar way to the appearance/experience when playing a designated native-coded iOS game app or Android coded game? I.e. it wouldn’t be displayed as a game within a “frame-like” window within the webpage (which is the appearance I want to avoid).

Does anyone have any website examples that contain a GoDot game?

Any feedback or insights here would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Godot version 3.4.1
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It can, but it will take a minute or so to load, and you'll get the progress bar thing.

Thanks a lot!
That's good to know.
Do you maybe have any examples of this? Do you know of any websites where I can see this in action with the progress bar?

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