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Hi guys,
I have an exporting problem. I have exported my project into HTML 5 and there is some problem. I am very beginner programmer so I don't understand it at all so I am asking you for a help. I have made free web so don't be afraid to open it. I think the problem is in export with images because the scene runs. On left/right arrow it prints some infromation about movement (it doesn't metter). In project I just use Sprite3D and loads a PNG file as its texture. Really don't know where the problem is.

link: http://larafezgo.4fan.cz/

Thanks for all your help.
Godot has so great community.

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This is an issue with WebGL and the way Sprite3D is drawn (seems to be fixed on 3).
Look here https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/7176#issuecomment-276475083

Try with a Quad instead (you'll need to create a material and set the texture to it).

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