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Currently: I am using a sprite for testing and it is fairly easy to scale the sprite
ex:) set_scale(Vector2(.95, .95)

My goal: is to have the same affect on a TextureButton, I only want to use a texturenormal within it. I do not want to have to add texturepressed textures for every button.

Any help would be great, this is pretty urgent and ive been at it for like 4 hours.
Thank you again guys!

Godot version Godot 4 Beta 6
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Maybe there is a way to set texturepressed = texture normal*.95 attributes
just brainstorming. ¯\

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you can just usescale = Vexctor2(.95,.95)

no more rectscale and setscale

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You probably want to adjust the rect_scale property. So, something like:

$TextureButton.rect_scale = Vector2(2,2) # 2x scale
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doesnt look like rect_scale is a thing in godot 4, or am i missing something?

Ahhh... Sorry, missed your Godot 4 tag above. For that, I think you can set the scale property directly.

$TextureButton.scale = Vector2(2,2)
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