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I found a tutorial where he used a collision but didn't cover what the collision would be for the players. How can I create a fall zone, for a player that is selected in a different scene?

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What do you exactly mean by a fall zone, what should it do? You can use Area2D with a CollisionShape2D or a CollisionPolygon2D child node to detect other overlapping collision objects. Area2D tutorial

I mean where a player hit that zone, its game over, then goes to like a game over scene. ive tried to create an area2d with a collision shape but didnt work

Without more information about the specifics, it's hard to know what the exact problem is. You might want to check out the Platformer demo project, it demonstrates Area2D usage with the bullets and coins. A game over scene can be done in several ways but the simplest one might be to just load a scene to a one with the game over screen. The Godot Docs have a page on changing current scene

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