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I have a multiplayer game that can create a local server, but if I open it again and try to create a server, console will throw me and error because net IP is already connected. I ask if there is a way to check if my IP is free to use, or something similar before start to host, so game can avoid player from get this error

Godot version V 3.51
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Unless you use set_bind_ip() its really only the port number that matters
And good old error checking is the way to resolve your issue

var check = peer.create_server(lan_port)
if check == ERR_ALREADY_IN_USE:

So maybe have a loop like this

var lan_port = 8080

func connect_server(lan_port : int):
    var check = peer.create_server(lan_port)
    if check == ERR_ALREADY_IN_USE:
        if lan_port < 8090: #prevent infinite loop
            lan_port += 1
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Thank you Wakatta

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