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so I tried to implement a trail for my platformer-character when dashing, but it doesnt work correctly. I was following a guide and used the following for the shader:
shadertype canvasitem;

uniform vec4 baseColor : source_color;

void fragment() {
vec4 texColor = texture(TEXTURE, UV);
COLOR.rgba = vec4(baseColor.r, baseColor.g, baseColor.b, texColor.a);
Note that I am using the Godot4 beta 10 while the guide was still working with godot 3...
Oh and i am applying the shader on a GPUParticles-Node if that is important.
I know this probably wont have to do anything with the shader, but its worth asking.
Thank you for any helpers in advance :)

Godot version Godot-4-beta-10
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