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Apologies in advance for this possibly off topic question. I am mainly looking for someone more experienced to give me a possible pointer or alternative method.

The issue I suspect is down to the better collada exporter and how my rigging is setup in blender.

Three individual meshes that have bones as parents

I have setup bones to animate multiple meshes, these separate meshes are parented to each bone in the example above.

My export settings in the better collada exporter in blender

I export the scene using the better collada exporter, with control bones (I assume that is what these would be considered)

The godot scene import settings

I use default scene import settings in the Godot scene import

The result of the import in Godot

In the animation player of the resulting scene in godot the keyframes have made it over, but the bones don't actually controll the meshes as they do in blender. The bones move but not the objects.

Why am I doing it this way?

I am using magicavoxel character meshes that have been separated into individual components for animation. The main reason is to avoid deformation of meshes in rigging. All the tutorials (eg: this youtube tutorial) suggest this method and I guess that it works ok in Unity via the FBX importer there.

Any suggestions, hints, or tips would be appreciated!


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