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Hello, I'm creating an updater for my game but when I try to read the ZIP file using the class ZIPReader it just returns Error.Failed.

Here's the segment of the code that fails:

const string downloadPath = "user://update.zip";
FileAccess file = FileAccess.Open(downloadPath, FileAccess.ModeFlags.Write);

GD.Print("Download completed!");

ZIPReader zip = new ZIPReader();
Error openProcess = zip.Open(downloadPath);

if (openProcess != Error.Ok)
    GD.PrintErr("Can't open the 'update.zip' file!");
    goto install_failed;

I've tried to open the downloaded zip file outside the app and I can open it correctly.

Godot version v4.0.beta9.mono.official [e780dc332]
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Well, I've fixed this by calling Flush after storing the buffer in the file.

FileAccess file = FileAccess.Open(path, FileAccess.ModeFlags.Write);

This may be a bug (There's an issue already https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/68614) so maybe doing this isn't necessary in future builds.

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