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So I have been working on a platformer and when I wrong this bit of code "func onland():" it said this Expected ',' or ')' and I don't fucking know what to do I put a , and or a ) and I doesn't do shit

Godot version 3.5.1
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Hi BarneyArAldi,
this error message can be confusing even to experienced programmers.
Unfortunately you didn't provide enough context, code and - most importantly - the error message for any of us to understand what is going on.
You may want to tell us what the code the error occured in was supposed to do, what the function was and what error message you got said. In addition to that saying what you've already tried to solve this issue might be helpful for us as well.

What code is on the line?

For an error like this seeing the highlighted line and the ones above and below should probably be enough to understand what has happened. Perhaps think about what code is directly related to the error and the line it occurred in.

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For these kinds of errors, it is usually the previous line that you want to check.

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