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I have the following code:

var dir = Directory.new()
var err = dir.change_dir("../")
print( "Err: " + str(err) )

And the output looks like:
I looked at http://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/classes/class_@global%20scope.html#class-global-scope and 31 is for ERRINVALIDPARAMETER.

Late edit: I'm using godot 2.1.3 stable on win 64

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Look line I needed to open a directory first.
The following code works fine:

print( "Data dir: " + OS.get_data_dir() )
err = dir.change_dir("../")
print( "Err: " + str(err) )
print( "Data dir: " + dir.get_current_dir() )
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