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This keeps happening to me. I call a function from a node, and it returns null.
Here's a script, when the player does inputs (under #Input Attack) attspeed, attpower, or attdefense, it should change the color, (Via set_modulate) But it has to not be null. How can I (For lack of a better word) un-null it.

extends KinematicBody2D
export var hp = 1
export var damage = 1
#enum statuseffect {normal,damaged,cutting,poison,fire} 
#var priority = 0
export var speed = 1
export var power = 1
export var defense = 1
export var playercontroler = 0
export var vel = Vector2()
export var gravity = 0
export var agility = 1000
#Children Nodes
onready var charspr = get_node("sprite")
export var speedcolor = Color("07ff00")
export var powercolor = Color("ff0000")
export var defensecolor = Color("1300ff")
export var normalcolor = Color("ffffff")

func _ready():

func _fixed_process(delta):
    var mover = Input.is_action_pressed(str(playercontroler) + "right")
    var movel = Input.is_action_pressed(str(playercontroler) + "left")
    var attspeed = Input.is_action_pressed(str(playercontroler) + "attackspeed")
    var attpower = Input.is_action_pressed(str(playercontroler) + "attackpower")
    var attdefense = Input.is_action_pressed(str(playercontroler) + "attackdefense")
    #Input X axis
    if (mover):#mover
        vel.x = agility
    elif (movel):
        vel.x = -agility
        vel.x = 0
    #Input Y axis
    vel.y += gravity
    #Input Attack
    if (attspeed):
        if charspr != null:
            print("Modulate is working, not null instance")
#       add_to_group(priority)
    elif (attpower):
        if charspr != null:
            print("Modulate is working, not null instance")
#       add_to_group(priority)
    elif (attdefense):
        if charspr != null:
            print("Modulate is working, not null instance")
#       add_to_group(priority)
    var motion = vel * delta
#   print(vel)
    #Slide player
    if is_colliding():
        var normal = get_collision_normal()
        motion = normal.slide(motion)
        vel = normal.slide(vel)
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The error probably says your variable has no value (null), you need to assign one.

In this case, maybe the node called exactly "sprite" does not exist ("sprite"!="Sprite"), look at the tree, check the remote inspector, put a breakpoint and look at charspr value in process.

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Hey your right, the node is exactly called sprite, but it's in another node.

onready var charspr = get_node("colid/sprite")


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