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Hello All,
I'm new to Godot but I have one specific question about dynamically loading sprites into a scene.

My game could potentially have 5 - 100 different sprites with customization options.

Where can I look up how to load a sprite dynamically into a scene such that that sprite characteristics are loaded along with it's attributes?

There will always only be 2 - 6 characters on the screen at once, but those 2 - 6 characters would be randomly chosen.

Characteristics and attributes will be stored in a DB somewhere.

Thank you!

Godot version v3.5.1
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It depends on what kind of format the database is. Like, is it json? Godot has support for reading JSON files.

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Yes, I can have the data in JSON.
Basically I will be retreiving character traits from the DB. Then I will need to load or generate the rite sprite with those attributes. The animation for running would also depend on the attributes.

Do I make templated sprites and then load the correct one and apply masks to that sprite?

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