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Hello :)

I am very excited about the future release of Godot 3 !

  • Do we have a more precise release date yet ?
  • When will the alpha start officially (official builds) ?
  • Can we find a list of features somewhere ? What are major changes and additions ?

Thanks in advance! I hope you guys don't get annoyed if this question is raised a lot ... but I'm really looking forward (understatement) to Godot 3 :)

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Hello there, I'm also very interested and intrigued about the date release for Godot 3.0, The hype is really palpable between Godot users and of course Community members. While of course I'm not working directly or indirectly with the team as I'm also part of the Community and Godot Engine user I must say and clarify I don't obviously know the "ultimate" answer for these questions, more like, I have gathered knowledge from around and will compile it down here, with that said...

  • Q. Do we have a more precise release date yet?
    A. While there isn't much revealing information towards the official release date, we all pretty excited about the good things Godot 3.0 will bring us, however it may seem that the road is still filled up of fog as the information regarding an official release date is not clear yet as I mentioned.

  • Q. When will the alpha start officially (official builds)?
    A. Again, while there isn't much information regarding dates, we can however see more revealing information towards the Alpha Releases

  • Q. Can we find a list of features somewhere?
    A. You can follow the DevBlog anytime so you can stay updated with new cool things as they come out from the oven :D

  • Q. What are major changes and additions?
    A. As stated above you can take a glance at the DevBlog so you can stay tuned for updates and changes coming with the new stuff they make. However I must mention that most changes are geared towards the Graphics Engine / Renderer, from a new Web Exporter to a New Particle System.

Hope this helped!

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Thanks, I see you (AxDSan) also have done some research :D

.. and still questions remain open. Examples:

  • How is multiplayer doing ?
  • Will there be a new GUI for the editor (as we have seen before on Twitter) ?
  • How is C# doing, will it be 100% in Godot 3 ?
  • Are there significant performance improvements overall, as somewhere was stated they did crucial rewriting?
  • Are there new supported platforms ?
  • How capable is the new 3D rendering, we have seen some few examples, but we are longing to see more :D
  • Are there also improvements for Web, as I may have read or not read somewhere ... ?
    . This is a whole new release (V 3), so how much more features and improvements are there ?

I just like to have more information, because I have a project I want to start off with Godot 3. In the meanwhile I do more practicing with Godot 2 of course. And I have read some of the dev blog articles, still a summary would be nice. More official information also helps to prevent false information.

Godot seems to be an Engine which will rule in the future imo (open source, easy cross platform deployment, free, cool node / scene system, many features, nice scripting, clean UI, ...).

I have a theory: Maybe one of the reasons Godot still is unpopular may be the lack of announcements and advertisement. Come on, you will release the NEW GODOT 3 with a lot of new cool stuff. Feed us! Show us more! Make Godot more popular and give it the attention it deserves!

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I may have some answers towards these questions:
Multiplayer: As far as I know, the new multiplayer networking API has been finished quite some time ago and will be included in the 3.0 release.
New Editor Theme: Yes, there will be a new editor theme added for Godot 3.0, there is a huge thread on GitHub on this topic. they just need to polish some stuff and finalize the theme.
C#: As for C#, I don't really know. The Godot-Sharp repository was quite for some time but neikeq started committing again a couple of days ago, so my guess would be that C# will indeed be included in 3.0
Performance: As Godot 3 is going to include the new OpenGL ES3 Renderer, it is quite obvious that there will be major performance increases.
Platforms: There are no new platforms as far as I know but most platforms are already supported anyway plus there now is a brand new export system which is going to be template instead of platform based.
3D renderer capability: Now this one is not so easy to answer. First of all, I have been following Juan's work on the new renderer very closely and the functionality that he implemented is definitely impressive. But quite honestly, showcasing the capabilities of the new renderer does not solely lie within his responsibility or in any of the members of the Godot Team. They can't develop new features and create demos at the same time. Juan already stated that there will be demos for the new renderer available once Godot 3-Stable is out, but that will of course take some time.
Web: 3.0 does already have Web 2.0 and WebAssembly support, although it is of course unstable.

There is a huge amount of changes and improvements being implemented and, as always, there will be a blog post on all of the major changes once Godot 3 Stable comes out but it does not make sense to publish one if 3.0 is not fully done yet. As for the your theory... the Godot Team already does an amazing job at adding features to the engine, they can't do all of the advertising themselves at the same time. If we want Godot to become more popular, then we need to share it, create tutorials, tell and show the world how amazing it is. This is an open-source project, the community has to help the main guys to keep this thing going :)

I hope that cleared some parts up :D

Thanks! This sounds very good. I hope they will give us more (official) information soon. It's hard to stay calm that way ;)

I can understand what you mean, I am also excited for Godot 3 :)

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