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I just updated a project to Godot v4 from 3.5

On running my project, I get the error pointing at the second line, but there is no ")" character. What am I missing, or could I look at it to try and fix this?

var rng = RandomNumberGenerator.new()
@export var level_name: String = "level"
Godot version 4
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Is this all of the code in the class body?

This isn't all the code. DO you mean the second line of the code you've pasted, or the second line of the gd file itself?

Unfortunately, I cannot recreate the error anymore. Now it is complaining about an Identifier not being declared in the current scope, which is weird because this project works in 3.5, so I am unsure now.

I meant the second line of code in my original question.

Okay if you cannot recreate the error I would suggest opening another question but post all of the code from this class with a statement of the new error. Sounds like there is a problem with the formatting perhaps?

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