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From my understanding this is only an error when an areas collision is changed but I don't think I did that, at least not intentionally.

func player_damaged_screenclear():
var screen_clear = pl_damage_screenclear.instance()
    ^ the specific line that errors
screen_clear.global_position = hitbox.global_position
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I was able to figure it out myself. If I replaced:



get_tree().current_scene.call_deferred("add_child", screen_clear)
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As I understand it;
"gettree().currentscene.addchild(screenclear) "
where it says you want to add a node to your scene. If so, replace it with;

-If this script belongs to the stage root:


-But if it belongs to a node one below the root:


I hope I have helped you. have a nice day.

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It didn't work unfortunately and it still gives the same error.

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