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func process(delta):
if reach.is
if reach.getcollider().getname() == "Gun A":
weapontospawn = gunahr.Instance()
elif reach.getcollider().getname() == "Gun B":
weapontospawn = gunbhr.Instance()
weapontospawn = null
else: ( HERE IS ERROR)
weapontospawn = null

if hand.get_child(0) != null:
    if hand.get_child(0).get_name() = "Gun A HR":
    weapon_to_drop = gun_a.instance()
    elif hand.get_child(0).get_name() == "Gun B HR":
        weapon_to_drop = gun_b.instance()
    weapon_to_drop = null
Godot version godot 3
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Well you havent formatted your code in your question so its very difficult to answer this but I would suggest you probably havent indented the lines correctly so the program thinks you have two else in a single if block which you cannot have. Without properly formatted code though I can only hazard a guess.

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