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i just have a world environment, directional light, and camera 3d all set to the defaults but all i get is a black screen. it works in godot3 but not godot4 and I don't know why. Please help. Thanks.

![screen cap of the whole project]

Godot version godot4-beta6
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Most likely to do with the sky as this is in the editor so the camera would have no affect on it whatsoever.

It could likely be a be the energy slider but I doubt it. Bad environment resource or are you using the inbuilt ones?

I read up on this a little bit. you may have to set it as a child of the camera in godot 4

are you able to link me to the environment resources you're using? I'm going to try and replicate this issue then fix it for you. cheers

thanks for the reply. i just used the default world environment generated by the "edit sun and environment settings" three dot menu towards the center top of the screen in the screen shot

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I think I know what's going on here.
Under 'View" can you check to see if "Show grid" and "Show origin" is turned on please.
This is the only way I could replicate this issue, are your objects currently in view of the Viewport in the black screen image?

I don't know why these would be turned off by default unless there's a hotkey for it that's accidentally been turned on.

If this isn't what's going could you let me know, then I'll need a couple more hours to work through this.

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the fog setting on the world environment is not enabled.
i have used godot 4 for 2d stuff here and there with no problems but this is the first time i have tried 3d so maybe there could be some vulkan or graphics card thing. i don't know.
I'm on an older computer with a GTX 1060

I often run into these issues too as I run an older PC with an Rx480 installed.

Maybe a driver refresh/reinstall may cure this issue.

Fairly certain a 1060 is plenty powerful enough and new enough that you shouldn't have issues. I could be wrong though as it was a less popular card when it came out.

I think you're right, it might be a graphics card/vulkan thing. i just tried the same project on a newer computer and it works fine on that computer.
is there some place i can report an issue like this so that they know there might be a problem with gtx 1060s?

That's a bummer that you can't use that PC to do it.

I would try doing a fresh install of drivers using DDU before you submit a post just to be sure we aren't wasting the devs time with non-issues.

If that doesn't work then I'm sure you can google how to submit a bug report, I haven't had to do it myself yet I'm sorry so I can't help in that department.

OK. I really appreciate you taking the time to try and help me. thanks anyway.

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