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My project won't run on export, no matter what platform I target.

So I checked the terminal (OSX) and saw this:

ERROR: create: Condition ' !create_func ' is true. returned: 0
   At: core/os/mutex.cpp:39.
nscreen count 1
SCRIPT ERROR: GDScript::load_byte_code: Parse Error: Unexpected token: PI:Node
   At: res://scripts/levelSelect.gdc:2.
ERROR: load_byte_code: Method/Function Failed, returning: ERR_PARSE_ERROR
   At: modules/gdscript/gd_script.cpp:720.
ERROR: load: Condition ' err!=OK ' is true. returned: RES()
   At: modules/gdscript/gd_script.cpp:1859.
ERROR: load: Failed loading resource: res://scripts/levelSelect.gd
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:218.
ERROR: poll: Can't load dependency: res://scripts/levelSelect.gd
   At: core/io/resource_format_binary.cpp:681.
ERROR: load: Condition ' err!=OK ' is true. returned: RES()
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:142.
ERROR: load: Failed loading resource: res://levelSelect.tscn
   At: core/io/resource_loader.cpp:218.
ERROR: start: Failed loading scene: res://levelSelect.tscn
   At: main/main.cpp:1471.
ERROR: free: Attempt to free invalid ID
   At: servers/spatial_sound/spatial_sound_server_sw.cpp:615.
ERROR: free: Attempt to free invalid ID
   At: servers/spatial_sound_2d/spatial_sound_2d_server_sw.cpp:612.
WARNING: cleanup: ObjectDB Instances still exist!
   At: core/object.cpp:1953.
ERROR: free_static: Condition ' !MemoryPoolStatic::get_singleton() ' is true.
   At: core/os/memory.cpp:58.

Now, the line 2 it's referring to is:

extends Node

Can anyone offer some advice on this? It's WAY above my pay grade.

asked Apr 21, 2017 in Engine by Robster (783 points)

your templates are of the same godot version as the editor? (custom or stable)

BAM! There it is. I upgraded to the latest stable but didn't update the export templates. Thank you very much

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