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I've finally found out how to use the scrollContainer. Very nice.

I am using it to scroll through my "level select" screen. The problem is a big, ugly dark scrollbar appears on the right hand side as I scroll up and down vertically.

Can anyone offer a pointer on how to remove or hide the scroll bar?

Thanks so much.

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I actually stumbled across the same problem, so I wonder if you found a good solution for this?

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I ended up making the scrollbar portion of the control outside of the screen area. So it was hidden. Crappy but what had to happen. In the end though, due to a reason I can't recall I had to cancel that approach also. This is what I was left with: http://www.video-games.io/break-out/ (the level select screen)

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Scroll bars don't look very good on the mobile devices... =\

If you are building from source comment out


around line 360 scroll_container.cpp (godot 3.0.2)

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You can create a custom theme and simply make the scroll bar invisible.

A theme is a file defining the visual features of all the control elements. You can set the ScrollContainer's theme from the inspector. Create a new theme and set the scroll bar's colors to invisible.

This is what I do to hide the scroll bar.

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