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I wanted to test out the new features of 3.0 but I noticed that it is very laggy and slow, but somewhat interactable. I know that this is very early since its in Alpha to delve into 3.0 but I was wondering if this debug error is the culprit of the lag:

ERROR: _gl_debug_print: GL ERROR: Source: OpenGL                                   Type: Error   ID: 1282                                                      Severity: High  Message: Error has been generated.     
       GL error GL_INVALID_OPERATION in DisableVertexAttribArray:                       (ID: 3860911800) Generic error                                                    At: drivers/gles3/rasterizer_gles3.cpp:123

Nothing serious, but wanted to give 3.0 a try if it wasn't for this bug...

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Works fine here, even on an old laptop (just fails with 3D textures).

Graphics drivers use to be the problem, try reducing editor quality on the project settings>Rendering>Quality, use low values there or disable some options.

how did you get 3.0?

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