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I'm trying to create a camera interpolation script that can smooth between multiple camera angles (camera angles are Node3Ds I placed in the scene)

I'm noticing that the rotations for objects NOT IN THE SAME PARENT get seemingly random results.

    temp = Transform;
    temp.basis = new Basis(startPos.Transform.basis.GetRotationQuaternion().Normalized().Slerp(endNode.Basis.GetRotationQuaternion().Normalized(), t));
    Transform = temp;

How can I globally lerp a rotation?

Godot version v4.0.beta5.mono
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I suggest you look at the camera script in this simple addon. It shows very well how to interpolate rotation and also position of a camera in 3d space.

Just extract it and look for the camera script. You can also just use the addon as is if that's what you are looking for.

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