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Does anyone know how to properly setup occluder instances on the RenderingServer? The interface seems pretty barren at the moment, but I've been trying to set it up similar to a normal visual instance, with no luck.

So far I have tried something like this:

RenderingServer.viewport_set_use_occlusion_culling(get_viewport(), true)

var occluder_instance: RID = RenderingServer.occluder_create()
RenderingServer.instance_set_scenario(occluder_instance, scenario)
#RenderingServer.instance_set_transform(occluder_instance, transform)

var vertices: PackedVector3Array = PackedVector3Array()
vertices.append(Vector3(0, 0, 0))
vertices.append(Vector3(10, 0, 0))
vertices.append(Vector3(10, 10, 0))

var indices: PackedInt32Array = PackedInt32Array()

RenderingServer.occluder_set_mesh(occluder_instance, vertices, indices)
  • Occlusion culling is also enabled in project settings, which should make the first line unnecessary.
  • I'm unsure if the instance_set_* functions work on occluder instances, but I'm assuming the scenario must be set somehow.
  • A reference to occluder_instance is being kept to ensure it doesn't get freed.
  • The occluder is not visible using get_viewport().debug_draw = Viewport.DEBUG_DRAW_OCCLUDERS
Godot version v4.0.beta3
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Figured out why it didn't work. The occluder instance must be added to a visual instance, which then has the scenario and transform.

So all that was missing was putting this at the end:

var instance = RenderingServer.instance_create2(occluder_instance, scenario)
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