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Hi all,

I'm currently converting a setup I had in Unity to Godot. And using the BlendSpace2D I've noticed that it doesn't transition values applied to it. Meaning if x is -1 and I set it to 1, the character snaps to the animation at x=1, instead of smoothly transitioning to it.

Is there a way to enable smoothing that transition? I can obviously manually smooth the values I'm sending in, but I'm hoping this can all be handled in the AnimationTree, as it controls smoothing in other places.


Godot version 4.0.beta5
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Interpolate the input value as you wish and you will get your smooth transition. BlendSpace2D will blend the animation but it needs a value like -0.7 or 0.1 etc to show the halfway blended anims, but will not automatically add some smoothing between setting the blend value. (If you want it to snap it surely will)

I would consider using either a call to lerp, a Tween object or using an AnimationPlayer to animate a variable, and then sending that variable to the BlendSpace2D. I assume this is the effect you are looking for.

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Thanks, it is! I feel like there should be an option to add a transition value in the BlendSpace itself, as the rest of the animator nodes/transitions have this. But like you said, it is simple enough to smooth the value being sent in.

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