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In editor on my quite slow windows tablet I have around 300fps (turned vsync off just to see this) when I export to android with release templates I'm getting significant fps drops. Not all the time but every 5seconds or so. I tried to optimize a lot. I gained 100fps in editor (from 200 to 300)

The game is not so simple 2D game with physics involved (I'm using rigidbody2D - character), custom joystick input and moving background (1024x760). In project settings I use render and physics single-safe thread. The Android I'm testing on doesn't usually have any fps drops but has multiple cores (if that's the problem)

What should I do / try?

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did you try to use "Profiler" on debug tab on editor?
you can use it even while running on device.

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I can't get this to work. I turned on deploy with remote debug and exported with debugging enabled. Am I missing something?

don't export project.
just run project from editor by clicking android icon on top center toolbar.
then editor will install your project to device and connect debugger.

I'm using godot 2.1.2 - stable. There is no android icon. Do I have to update it?

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