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I was wondering if there was a feature for importing the settings into the new version that I just missed in the interface or if the only way was to just manually copy the lines for the settings.

I saw the editorsettings-3.tres and editorsettings-4.tres files in %appdata%/Godot and I see the documentation for the editor settings but I could not find anything in the actual editor for importing/exporting settings to be used in the different versions.


Godot version latest and v4.0.beta4.official [e6751549c]
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You can copy editor_settings-3.tres to editor_settings-4.tres using a file manager while the editor is closed, but some settings' names and categories have been changed as part of the editor settings reorganization. As a result, these settings will not be ported over to Godot 4.

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Alright sounds like there is no tool or anything in the editor then to your knowledge. Do you know of a list of the differences, or if there is a plan to add an import tool of some sort? I feel like a lot of people would want to use that.

There were a lot of differences between the two files when I compared the defaults from a fresh install so I did not think copying would be an adequate solution.

I found a proposal here for import/export and it seems you have already commented there :)

I think having something like this is important when the settings names and support for the features are changing between versions.

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