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I need to create a minimap to see the current position player relative to the entire playing area. Is there anyway to extract a minimap from the current tileset stage, or others valid methods?
Thanks in advance.

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It's done by setting a second viewport using a camera that is spotting whole scene.

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I'd have to agree with this, couldnt another way of doing it be to Make a map spawn via code, Then Have that Coordinate to the players position in said minimap and have it Generate a smaller map for the minimap (bit more work but like, if they wanted to use different sprites and stuff for the map view

I think the best thing is to avoid additional cameras, but convert the tilemap in a sprite or texture and scale it. Does anyone know how to do ?

Take a screenshot via code and display it with sprite.

Every working solution is good solution and ofcourse there are many ways to archive that i just posted the simplest i know.

But the screenshot takes only viewable part of tilemap, not overall...
Or am I wrong ?

You are right, but it works like that:
1. Put camera very far so it enclose the whole tilemap
2. Take screenshot
3. Display it as minimap

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An idea for what you could do is, Rebuild the map in a program (example gimp, or photoshop) If you're doing 2D, and just use it as a texture for the map, if you're doing 3D then i would Highly recommend just Using a second viewport and Just for example, have an indicator for the direction Be an arrow or something that follows the player's facing direction

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Yes, perhaps this is the most simple idea. I have done so in the past, but I'd like to create minimap "on the fly" at runtime , so it will be always synchronized with the main map.

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