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I'm using Godot for AI research and I would really like to combine features of versions 3.5 and 4.0. To be precise, I require to use .NET 6 but I would like to have my visualization running from a web browser. Godot 4.0 uses .NET 6 while Godot 3.5 can export to HTML5.

Is there a way to build Godot 3.5 with full .NET 6 support?
If yes - how do I do it?

Godot version 4.0 beta4
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Godot 3.x can only be compiled with Mono, not .NET 6.

Godot 4.0 can only be compiled with .NET 6, not Mono. These are incompatible with each other.

.NET 6 is currently lacking the ability to target mobile/web platforms, so Godot 4.0 will not have this functionality in C# until it's added upstream.

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