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I set the text to "SFX" in a RichTextLabel: Label. I import the font and set the text size to around 4 or just leave it at the default 16. Then I set the 'Normal Font' under the 'Custom Font' category to the .fnt file created by the font import. However, in both cases it is still blurry like in the picture. I have no clue of why it is like this. Font styles do not change.

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I still have no clue how to fix this and why it won't work for the current scene. So as a work around I am creating a new scene (which works) with just the labels and instance it.

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Does not work still. New instance is fine on its own, but once added to another scene it becomes blurry and font styles do not change.

then, you would better move this answer to comment for more opportunity to get answer.
and sharing sample project would be great.

Have you tried using the dynamic font option in Custom fonts using the actual font (otf, ttf, etc) file? I've never had any problems using it and the text is always crisp.

Custom Fonts
-- Normal Font > New Dynamic Font > Edit (from options) (or click on the '>' arrow)

Dynamic Font Options
-- Font > Load (from options) > Choose .otf, .ttf file
-- Update size

Yes, I have tried that. Unfortunately it is still blurry and not crisp at all. Changing the size to smaller makes it worst. The thing I find the most weird is that it is fine on a new scene. But when I instance that scene onto the current scene, it messes up. So it seems that something else in the current scene is messing up the Font sizes and stuff. It seems like something is auto scaling it to be bigger. Here is the current structure: Tree For project settings: stretchmode: 2d. and stretchaspect: keep.

Based on your screen shot I see you're using a node2d as the parent. Have you tried using a Control node instead of the node2d node as the root. I never use non ui based container nodes when dealing with ui nodes as stretching/scaling them distorts their children's scale as well whilst control nodes like control, container, etc don't.

Holy moly!! The control node worked!! Thank you very much!

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