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I have a problem with the Godot Editor 3.5.1 freezing on my Dell laptop, where I have Nvidia and Intel GPU. Everything works fine until I leave the computer for a few minutes. The computer doesn't sleep, it doesn't turn off, but the Godot editor doesn't respond. CPU is at 100%. When I kill the Godot editor process and try to restart it, it says the editor won't start because my graphics card doesn't support OpenGL.

I suspect that Windows is optimizing performance and switching between Nvidia and Intel graphics, and Godot will lose OpenGL support at some point. Maybe because of Intel GPU. I tried to force Windows to run the Godot editor only with the Nvidia card, but it didn't help.

I updated all the drivers for Nvidia, Intel, Windows...

Anyone with a similar problem? Any solution?

Configuration: i7, 16GB ram, SSD

Godot version 3.5.1 64bit windows
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