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I have a question about exporting typed arrays in GDExtension. What I want is to achieve in C++ is something along the lines of

@export var textures: Array[Texture]

or even

@export var my_elems: Array[MyBaseClassWithPossibleChildClasses]

I need to export it I think in _bind_methods() function, and the export requires providing the correct godot::PropertyInfo. I can't figure out which parameters to use to export a typed array. Also, I want to use reference to an object which can be a different subclass of a base class.

More specific example: base class UserController, and descendants PlayerController, AiController, ReplayController etc. And the list of all possible controllers:

@export var controllers: Array[UserController]

which can contain any number of PlayerController, AiController, ReplayController instances.
It's not the only case, there are other cases like that.

All the classes I want to be exported are derived from Resource class.

Is it possible to implement in Godot 4.0 beta 2? If not directly, are there any workarounds for this?

Godot version 4.0 beta 2
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I am trying to do this currently, did you ever figure it out?

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